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    Medicine Interviews

    Masterclass in Medical School Admissions Interviews
    Valid for 6 months
    • Traditional Interviews
    • Mini Multiple Interviews
    • Medical Ethics & Research
    • Comprehensive Preparation

Medicine Interviews Masterclass Outline

A comprehensive preparatory course compiled & delivered by expert consultants and refined by feedback from thousands of delegates

  • An overview of Medicine Interviews

  • Domains assessed at Interview

  • Motivation to study medicine

  • What makes a good doctor?

  • Why this medical school?

  • How do you address your weaknesses

  • How do you deal with stress

  • Medical training structure

  • Work Experience

  • The role of work experience in your decision to apply

  • Primary and secondary care work experience

  • Working in allied healthcare service settings

  • Evidence Based Medicine

  • Public Health campaigns

  • Principles of Medical Ethics

  • A structure approach to answering complex questions

  • Medical Research

  • Topical and ground breaking research

  • How to present articles and link them to your motivation to apply

  • Wider Interests & Hobbies

  • Multiple Mini Interviews

  • Communication stations

  • Role plays

  • Instruction / explanation stations

  • Problem based learning

  • Clinical governance

  • Medical Bodies Regulating Medical Practice

  • How to present and communicate throughout the interview

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